Stampede School

Stampede School is an immersive educational experience for students in grades 1 to 12 that relocates their classroom to Stampede Park. In their new setting, students and teachers experience deep and innovative learning and make connections to history, agriculture, Indigenous traditions and cultures, and western heritage and values. Students are surrounded by western artifacts, unique cultures, equine classmates, and intriguing guest speakers. 

Stampede School, a Campus Calgary site, is inquiry-based, innovative, and focused on hands-on experiences. Each class’ week-long experience is customized to fit their particular curriculum and individual needs.


“My class was fortunate to have participated in Stampede School in September. In my opinion, attending Stampede School at the beginning of the year really helped build the community in our classroom. Our week at the grounds had an amazing impact on students and their learning. I can tell through conversations, student work and projects the deep impact of this experience months later (and I’m sure until the end of the year)." – Participating Teacher

“I want to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to attend Stampede School with my students. It has been the greatest experience of my whole career, bar none. The week’s program was extremely well organized and it touches on so many aspects of what we are learning in class. It enhanced student participation and understanding of topics that are somewhat foreign to them, for example First Nations culture and fancy dancing, learning about horses and their care, as well as a detailed account of the Stampede and Calgary’s history. For someone who isn’t from Calgary, I learned just as much as the students did." - Participating Teacher

“Stampede School allowed my students to become comfortable and confident in sketching and documenting their learning." – Participating Teacher 

“Our students became so connected to the community as a result of Stampede School. They are so proud of their stampede and can now recognize areas of the community we visited from pictures, and tell long stories about the times they had there and how it made them feel a sense of belonging as well as all the things they learned about the formation of our community." – Participating Teacher

Stampede School is generously supported by:

Calgary Stampede Volunteers and Friends Divot Classic