In 2012, the Foundation created the 1912 Society, named in honour of the philanthropic and community leaders that founded the Stampede. This giving society recognizes donors who contribute annually $1,912 or more to our youth programs.

The 1912 Society is made up of passionate donors who believe in providing Calgary‘s youth with skill-building programs that allows them to achieve their goals and become tomorrows leaders. 


Your Gift Matters

When you join the 1912 Society, you unite with a group of individuals who are an essential part of the Stampede family. Your donation makes a meaningful statement about how much you value the development of strong and community-minded young people. 

Your annual gift at one of the society‘s giving levels allows you to play an important role in ensuring our youth programs remain excellent, accessible, and sustainable.  For more information about the 1912 Society and it's benefits, please contact Candice Weremey at | 403.607.0540




We Support
Our programs provide Alberta‘s youth with the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills, personal growth, citizenship, and education. 

Performing Arts
We develop young performers‘ talents in music, dance, voice, and performance in premier and award-winning performance ensembles. Performers are equipped to achieve their personal and career goals.

We deliver immersive learning experiences by taking students out of the classroom and connecting them with community leaders. Students build life skills and gain a strong sense of belonging and community. 

We create the next generation of agriculture leaders by honoring our past. Young people from both urban and rural communities learn to preserve and celebrate our western and agriculture traditions. 

We serve Indigenous youth by preparing them for their bright future. Working with Indigenous leaders, the program emphasizes the importance of traditional knowledge, cultural pride, pursuing your passions, and nurturing mental and physical health.