Audition for the Young Canadians School of Performing Arts! 

Check back in February for information on the Young Canadians 2022/2023 auditions.

Registration & Information Packages

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Dance Audition Information Package 

Vocal Audition Information Package


Membership is open to children and youth between the ages of 7-21 from Calgary and the surrounding area. 


Audition Requirements - Dancer

Juniors (ages 7-11) - A minimum of 2+ years of dance training in both Ballet and Jazz
Intermediates (ages 11-14) - A minimum of 4+ years of dance training in both Ballet and Jazz
Seniors (ages 15-21) A minimum of 6+ years of dance training in both Ballet and Jazz
Audition Requirements - Vocalist

All singer/vocal candidates are required to have previous vocal training as well as basic experience in dance or movement.  

Frequently Asked Audition Questions for New applicants

Can I audition as both a singer and a dancer? 

All candidates can audition as a dancer or a singer - just submit both a dance video audition and a vocal video audition.

What does it cost to be a Young Canadian? 

Annual Membership Fee: $1,200
Members are also responsible for purchasing their dance shoes. 

I can’t afford to be a Young Canadian, what can I do? 

Thanks to the generous support of the Rotary Club of Calgary at Stampede Park, youth members and their families can apply for fee relief. 

What is the training and attendance commitment?

Attendance at all classes is expected and strongly encouraged, and our attendance policies allow for very few absences throughout the year. Additional training and rehearsal hours are added prior to performances. In May, members begin rehearsals for their July performance as part of the Calgary Stampede’s iconic Grandstand Show.

Junior Young Canadians

Receive approximately 6 hours of training per week
Training Days – Wednesday/Friday/Sunday 

Intermediate Young Canadians

Receive approximately 9 hours of training per week
Training Days – Wednesday/Friday/Sunday 

Senior Young Canadians

Receive approximately 12 hours per week 
Training Days - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday

Can I still attend other school and extra-curricular activities?

All members are encouraged to actively participate in their school performance arts programs. Approval to attend any other extra-curricular program will be at the discretion of the Manager, Young Canadians School of Performing Arts. 

What’s it like being a Young Canadian?

Here’s what current and past YC members have to say about their experience as a Young Canadian:

 “Being a part of The Young Canadians was life changing for me, from the people to the personal growth opportunities it brought, it opened so many doors.” – Scott Lockyer, professional dancer and choreographer

 “Looking back, I give so much credit to The Young Canadians. The long hours spent practicing for shows prepared me for the long hours that I continue to put into my dreams now. I loved every moment and I know the skills I learned would prepare me for the career that I have today.” – Maddison Krebs, country singer and recording artist

“Every day we’re given an opportunity to be a role model. The choices we make change so much more than just our own lives.”- Elisha Ventura, current Young Canadian

“We are all one big family and you are encouraged to be who you are. So when that music goes on, when the lights come up, when the curtains open, you know that you are being something you’ve always wanted to be.” – Jack MacNeil, current Young Canadian

“…it's an amazing program and my kids have never been happier. … this has been a refreshing change to see them so energized by other dancers and encouraged by the faculty. We are happy to be a part of the Foundation and this group.… we truly do love it…” – Carmen, Parent of three current Young Canadians